WeCare Full Body Health Package-2

Covers 82 Parameters Just ? 2500 889

  • HbA1c (2 Parameters)
  • CBC-( 24 Parameters)
  • Electrolytes profile-( 3 Parameters)
  • ESR- (1 Parameter)
  • Kidney profile-(9 Parameters)
  • Lipid profile(9 Parameters)
  • Liver profile(12 Parameters)
  • Fasting blood sugar(1 Parameter)
  • Thyroid profile(3 Parameters)
  • Urine R/M(18 Parameters)

Whereas in Our Full Body Health Package Includes Vitamin D3 (Bone Health, Weakness), Vitamin B12 (Nerves System, Anemia), RA Factor-Qualitative (Arthritis, Joint Swelling), HbA1c (Past Three Months Average Sugar Value), Iron Profile (Iron Deficiency, Iron Level), Blood Sugar Fasting (Blood Sugar level), CBC (Infection, RBCs Count, WBCs Count & Hb), ESR (Inflammation, Infection)

    Blood & Urine Sample Type
       9-12 Hours Fasting is Required
 Same Day reporting By 11 Pm
   Free Home Collection

Why Should We Perform Full Body Check up ?

If youre considering a Health Checkup, youll need to take advantage of its many benefits. In addition to assessing your vital organs, youll receive an assessment of the major body systems. Some of these tests will give you an accurate picture of your health. Youll also receive health education and recommendations for making lifestyle changes that will improve your well-being. Your doctor will also recommend lifestyle changes that can help you reduce your risk of chronic illnesses.

Full body health package Senior Male- Delhi

Only at Rs.2199/- including 92 Tests

Full body health package  Senior Female- Delhi

Only at Rs.2199/- including 92 Tests